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A.I.M. Chemical can be your business partner to achieve higher customer satisfaction and generating incremental revenue for your esteemed company.

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Toll Blending

A.I.M. Chemical offers reliable and efficient toll blending solutions to different industries.

Our customers included the following industries:

Industries Experience

How We Helped Our Clients

Cost Savings

A major multi-billion dollar petrochemical company in Singapore required to manufacture specialty blended products for their plant startup. We invested and upgraded our production system with latest process technology to meet our customers’ stringent requirements. The project was successfully implemented in short 6 months which assisted the client to save millions of dollars by outsourcing the blending and stocking operations to A.I.M. Chemical and thus allowing them to better utilising their resources.

A major European oil company appointed A.I.M. Chemical as the exclusive toller for their car-care products. In order to meet the increased volume of more than 3 million litres per annum we expanded our production capacity and assisted our customer to distribute and connect with their customers throughout ASEAN, China, Australia and New Zealand.


New Capability

We pride ourselves with deep knowledge in blending operations. A.I.M. was appointed by a major petrochemical company in Singapore. We were tasked to blend specialty additives for the customer and we invested new blending capability and capacity in our facilities. The project was successfully implemented on time and the products were being distributed by our customer throughout the Asia Pacific Region.